a b o u t


/æn.θrə.pə-/ prefix

  1. Human; of a human being

  2. Relating to humankind

Here at Anthroɐlay, making bold, contemporary theatre is what we do. We explore the ebbs and flows of humanity, be they little or large. We want to empower our audiences to strive for equality around the globe.

Theatre should be accessible, we've made it part of our mission to make all of our shows affordable, ensuring everybody can take a seat on the front row.

We devise original content as well as championing exciting emerging artists, giving a stage to voices yet to be heard.

Throughout the pandemic we've been exploring different mediums such as film and audio, which we are passionate about developing further to enhance our storytelling.

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Anthroplay was co-founded in 2019 by artists Rosie Sharp & Anna McKelvie (previously known as Ginger & Blonde Theatre). Their journey began when the two met in drama school and discussed 'the purpose of being a woman'. This was the catalyst that shaped their company and projects today.