Y a s m i n  B e c k 

"Be a dragon...!" Read our interview with Poet & Actor Yasmin Beck...

Hey Yasmin, we’re so excited to talk to you today. We’re gonna start by doing some quick-fire questions! So…


What are you watching right now?


I’ve just finished watching Black Mirror. “Loch Henry” was my favourite! And the most recent theatre that I went to see was Romeo and Juliet at The Almeida and it was really, really good, a really beautiful production. I really enjoyed it.


Gorgeous! Okay next question, what music serenades your commute currently?


It was hard to pick, but - it depends on my mood. It’s either, Idles, could be anything from Idles… Beyoncé, Eloise, Kaytranada… Let’s just stick to those four for now.


Love that, we’re so into Beyoncé right now. We really love THIQUE of her new album. So, any books on the go?


Yes! I’m reading Surrounded by Idiots by Thomas Erikson and Atomic Habits by James Clear.


Ooo, what’s Atomic Habits about?


It’s basically little ways that can change your whole life by changing small habits, which eventually results in changing big habits. So, like doing something – if something only gonna take two minutes – going and doing it, rather than putting it off.


Oh yeah that’s the way, we have to do that in the mornings otherwise we don’t get anything done!


I have to do that! Cause otherwise I don’t do shit!


Awesome. Right, we’re gonna go into the proper interview now. Tell us a little a bit about you, your work, and how you got into doing what you do?


So, I trained at Italia Conti, moved up to London when I was about nineteen to be an actor. After I finished my training we unfortunately graduated into the pandemic, and from there I started to write a lot more and I decided to start putting my work online - and it did really well! And then from there decided that this would be something else I would do as well as acting. And I performed with Anthroplay, which has been fantastic.


Yes, you were wonderful!  


I’ve also been working with Khaos Theatre Company, and performed at The Vaults and a few other places in London as well. So that’s how it started!


Stunning. What do you write about and what inspires you/who inspires you?


So, with my work I like to write things that are on the tip of my tongue, like if I have a big emotion, it can either end up being like a longer piece, or a short, one stanza, quick piece, it totally depends. Obviously, the longer pieces take a little bit more time but, yeah, my work is about anything really. Whatever I feel the need to be spoken about. And who inspires me… I mean writer-wise Kae Tempest (but obviously who isn’t inspired by them), I love Hollie McNish and Vanessa Kisuule. Those are the poets that I just wanna swallow their words, do you know what I mean?


We do! What would your advice be for someone trying to be more creative/do some writing?


This is a hard one, because its different for everyone I think. But, for me personally, I’m either inspired by something I’ve seen or read which makes me want to write, or I’m in a state of mind where I’ve just switched everything off. So, it can really be one or the other. But I would advise people to, whatever it is that makes them feel like they’ve got fire in their belly, keep doing that. And just, you know, let whatever comes out come out. Be a dragon so to speak! 


We love that! So, Yasmin, you’ve done so much fantastic work with us and we’ve seen you put great things out into the world. What’s next for you?


I am going to continue working with the theatre companies that I’ve been working with, that includes Anthroplay of course and event Club Culture run by Khaos Theatre Company. So I’m looking forward to whatever’s next with them. Also, I am gonna start putting my work out into the universe on a bit more of a permanent platform which is my personal Instagram (@yasminalexandra_) - so please follow me! And I’m also seeking new representation at the moment.


Gorgeous, we shall try speak that into the universe for you! Thanks so much for talking to us today, we loved hearing about your journey and can’t wait to see you next perform.  


Thank you!

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